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Do you live on the border ?

Secure your car in the United States and Mexico border zone.

We specialize in Border Insurance.

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There's no way to avoid it!

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The US Insurance Policy  will not cover you in Mexico, you must buy a Mexican insurance policy, through a Mexican company.


If you live in Mexico and
work in the US

If you live in Mexico and work in the United States, we know how frustrating it is to wait in traffic for so many hours, we also know that you must be well protected with Mexican car insurance in case of an accident on your way to the US border or on the way back home with your family and/or loved ones. Insurama is on your side to protect you all the way home.

If you live in US and
work in the Mexico

If you travel to work in Mexico, we know the inconvenience of coming home every day. The Mexican law has changed and now requires you to have a Mexican insurance policy. If you drive from the southern border, with Insurama you will be well protected with all the certainty that if an accident occurs, we will be on your side.

If you live in Mexico
with a U.S. car

If you're currently living in Mexico and your vehicle is in Mexico with US license plates for more than 30 days, the new Mexican law requires that you must carry a tourism insurance policy, you need to be well protected. Do not let anything happen to you or your loved ones.

Travel to the Security of Mexico and sound with Insurama !

Insurama has been in the Mexican insurance sales business at the border since 1984. In 2010, the first version was launched on the website. At that time, we saw the great potential of creating a convenient and easy-to-buy Mexican insurance at home or in the office in minutes.

We were given the task of creating a purchase process as simple as possible, with a streamlined interface that allows the insured client to connect to this website and enter all the necessary information and print the official Mexican Certificate of Insurance, immediately. Since then, we have seen the growth of the Internet and the continued interest in our online services and travel information.

Tourist Insurance

Auto Coverage US travelers, from liability to full coverage, protect you and your family in your visit, or if you reside in Mexico.

Travelers Insurance

Mexshield Representation Services will assure you and your loved ones protection for any situation outside of your vehicle, illness or incidents with a third party or Mexican authorities.

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